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July’s Great Truth About You: I AM LOVING!

July 1, 2014 - Author: KishaLynn Elliott - No Comments

July's Great Truth About You is I AM LOVING

July’s Great Truth About You is I AM LOVING

It’s JULY!! And that means, it’s time for a new Great Truth About You! This is a special month because it represents a full year of This Stuff’s Working Coaching guiding you on this journey to discover…no…REMEMBER, the best things that are good and true about you! We restart the cycle with July’s Great Truth About You: I AM LOVING! Yes it’s true!!! 

I am loving. 
I love. 
I am loved. 
I am love. 
I love me. 
I love you. 
You love me. 
Love me. 
Love you.
I am loving. 

With this comes the return of KL’s Love Notes to social media! I’m excited to get them before new eyes and teach more people how to manifest the relationship they seek and find their equal in love and in life. 

Finally, look for a Love Quote of the day across my social networks and let’s have some good conversations about what it means to love and BE loving. 

Have I told you I love you today? (I love you.) Have you? Get to it! 

With Great Love,
Coach KishaLynn

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