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Thoughts Become Things – Your Mental Traffic Light

September 28, 2012 - Author: KishaLynn Elliott

Let’s try something…

Visualize in your mind that you are driving down a road. There’s a little traffic, but it’s moving freely at the speed limit.

Ahead is an intersection with a traffic light. The light is green, but as you approach, it turns yellow for a brief moment, then quickly changes to red. Traffic stops. You stop with it. You sit and wait. Then, the light turns green, and traffic begins to move again. You move along with it.

This simple and familiar routine that drivers experience everyday is a perfect metaphor for the Law of Attraction, or This Stuff, and how it’s working. The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like and your thoughts become things.

If you imagine that thoughts about your Desires are the green light, then you can imagine that when you are thinking those thoughts, you are able to move freely and closer towards them. You can plan. You can organize and use your resources. You can act and attract. Green means Go.

But there is a tendency to slow things down with the same tool–thoughts. If you begin to think thoughts that are unclear, doubtful, or apathetic, they become the yellow light. Progress towards what you want slows down. Yellow means Slow. It’s also a warning of an impending red light. A yellow light doesn’t last long before becoming red.

When you begin to think thoughts that don’t align with the Desire, such as thoughts of lack or impossibility, the light changes to red, and you MUST stop. Red means No. Your progress towards what you want is halted, because you do not see the green light anymore–your Desire.

So, you sit, and wait.
Red light (LACK: I don’t have it…)
Red light (IMPOSSIBLE: …and I can’t…)
Red light (EXCUSE: …because of…)

Then, maybe you grow irritated (more red light).
You get impatient (more red light).
You become angry (more red light).
Then, because nothing is happening at this red light, you may begin to feel hopeless, and that the effort is futile (STOP!)

The great news is that red lights don’t remain red forever.

While driving on an actual road, you don’t have control over the timing of traffic lights. However, you do have complete control over the traffic signal of your focused thoughts.

More good news is that from red light thoughts, can jump IMMEDIATELY back to green, quickly and safely, by shifting your thoughts back to the Desire and your plan to achieve it.

As soon as you do, things get moving again, and you can continue on the journey towards destination Manifested! Assuming you don’t keep catching the red lights…

You can use visualization to help you keep your thoughts on track. For example, the next time you’re at a traffic light, assuming it’s safe to do so, take a moment to observe it in relation to your thoughts. Or, you can save and print this image:

Thoughts Become Things

Post it where you can see it often. Use it to remind yourself of how This Stuff’s Working! Whenever you see this image, or a real traffic light, assess the condition of your thoughts in that moment. Is your mental traffic light green, moving you towards your Desire? Are you working your plan as you coast through the green light?

Is your mental traffic light yellow with fear, worry, anger or whatever slowing you down?

Or, are you sitting at a mental red light with thoughts that oppose your Desire altogether?

By using this visual aide, you will become more aware of your thoughts, and grow inspired to keep your mental traffic light green at all costs. That means you’ll keep your focus on the Desire and your plan to Manifest it.

Nothing can stop you but you.

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