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The Law of Attraction: If Wishing Made It So…

October 31, 2012 - Author: KishaLynn Elliott

A GOAL without a PLAN is just a WISH

Let’s get real.

Understanding and applying the Law of Attraction is not about making wishes, then sitting around waiting for them to come true. There is a lot of skepticism and criticism aimed at the Law of Attraction because a lot of it has been oversimplified so drastically. I am not knocking those that tout and believe in the power of positive thinking. A positive attitude is certainly essential.

But, if wishing made it so, everyone on earth would have what they want–and everyone in the world would be wearing a This Stuff’s Working bracelet and buying my book (my personal wishes)!

No my friends, this is not a place where you will be told that ALL you have to do is think positive, feel good, and SHAZAM! This Stuff’s Working! Face it. The only magic genie in this process is you.

There is a quote by Antoine De Saint-Exupéry that says, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Do some wishes come true? Absolutely. But for the most part, we don’t have the kind of lives we live because we wished for it. Our lives, and the things and people in them, are the result of ACTIONS we have taken to attract them. Truly, your wish is YOUR command.

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Ask yourself, what dictates the actions I take, or don’t take, on a daily basis? You act on your beliefs. Your beliefs are driven by feelings. Your feelings are a summation of your thoughts. This is how thoughts become things. This is what like attracts like means. This is the Law of Attraction.

If we take that the other way, thoughts become feelings, feelings shape beliefs, and belief drives action. That’s the way This Stuff’s Working!–with action. You have to do something. You have to plan, you have to try, you have to ask, you have to do the doings–all while keeping your thoughts and feelings powerfully focused to serve your intention. This is certainly not the first blog to share this information, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you’ve heard this all before. But, are you applying it in your life? Are you proving it’s working? That’s the goal of this blog, not innovation.

So, how do you know if you are wishing versus attracting? Here’s a few tips:

  • If you think about wanting something once or twice, then forget about it, you are wishing.
    • If you remain regularly focused on a desire and all of its details, you are attracting.
  •  If you look at something and say, “*sigh* That would be nice, but…” , you are wishing.
    • If you look at something and say “Wow! That will be wonderful and I’ve got something that can get me started towards having it for myself!”, you are attracting.
  •  If you want or need something, but your emotional state about it is depression, anxiety, or resentment, you are wishing.
    • If you want or need something, and your emotional state about it is grateful, expectant and optimistic, you are attracting.
  •  If you go on and on about how much you want something, then don’t lift a finger to try and get it, you are wishing.
    • If you express a desire, then immediately begin to brainstorm what you can do now to take a step closer to it, you are attracting.
  • If you put some pictures on a board, then walk away from it without another thought, it’s a wishing board.
    • If you have a visual collection of things you desire that you view, meditate on, affirm and update regularly, visualizing those things manifested and tracking your actions and progress towards those things, it’s a vision board.

Do you catch the drift here?

The divide between wishing and attracting is a stream, not an ocean. It is a short journey to cross over from one to the other. Start by focusing on what you want. Stop making excuses and start believing that there is a way to receive what you want. Get your emotions in tune with the desire. GET TO WORK! And, do more than want it–VISUALIZE yourself having it.

Wishing is easy, with a high failure rate.

Attracting is simple, with a high success rate.

Which are you primarily relying on to create your life?

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You Are What You Say You Are

October 23, 2012 - Author: KishaLynn Elliott

Are you working on your ROAR?

How do you talk about yourself? Are you more likely to praise or criticize yourself? Do you compliment yourself and highlight your strengths, or are you more likely to confess your flaws and shortcomings?It’s so important to watch what you say about yourself. Every time you open a mouth and begin a sentence with the word “I”, you are creating yourself as you speak. This Stuff’s Working! means that like attracts like and your thoughts become things. Your words have the same creative power because they reflect your thoughts. You are what you say you are.

For example, if you say, “I have a “brown thumb. I can’t grow plants!” then guess what? Every plant or flower in your care will die before its time.

If you say, “I’m bad with children.” then working with kids will always be a challenge for you.

If you say, “I’m a terrible singer.” then every note will remain off-key.

If you say, “I am a horrible test taker.” then you will fail exams.

If you say, “I’m a bad cook.” then you will burn water.

If you say, “I’m so clumsy.” then you will constantly stumble.

Anything you say you are is true. You say it and life affirms it for you. That’s the way This Stuff’s Working! The problem is the tendency to focus on, and say, the wrong things about yourself and your life. As a result, you might have more evidence of the things you don’t do well than confidence in the areas that you are improving or currently excel in. It’s time for a shift. Do yourself a HUGE favor and apply the same truth to good or desired things with similar confidence.

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If you can be so sure of the things you can’t do, why not apply this power towards constructive thoughts that will actually create what you desire for yourself? It’s the same power. All that is required is a change of thinking, rephrasing how you speak about yourself, and feeling the same confidence in your abilities as you previously felt in your inabilities. It’s a simple, but powerful shift in your conversation.

Start saying:

“I’m getting good at…”
“I’m really good at…”
“I’m still learning to…”

These statements affirm your ability, increase your confidence, and as a result you attract more evidence of this into your life.

Many of us don’t realize how much we degrade and depreciated ourselves everyday. It’s become so second nature for those who have not yet learned or embraced how This Stuff’s Working! to feel inadequate or not good enough. A lot of us even laugh at our flaws. There’s nothing wrong with that, if you do so with full love, appreciation and acceptance of who you are. But if you want to change something about yourself, please know that the the very first step to changing is NOT to take some direct action in the world without, but to instantly go within and see your perfection in your mind.

Feel yourself mastering the creation of your desires, trust that you will learn all that you need to know, and feel yourself succeeding at it now. This feels much better than resolving to fail. Change the “I’m bad at…” thoughts to align with your ideal vision of yourself. This way, when you go to learn, you will be fully receptive, and skills are acquired through practice.

You are attracting all that you are, all that you do, all that you have, by what you think, feel, and say. Use this knowledge wisely and rightly, and watch what you become as a result. This Stuff’s Working! always–keep it working FOR you.

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Tackling Procrastination and the I Don’t Feel Like Its

October 5, 2012 - Author: KishaLynn Elliott
How to Get Things Done Image

LOL Just kidding…but seriously though…

When was the last time you procrastinated on taking Action towards a Desire?

Did that happen this week? Today? Are you doing it right now? (*gasp* No! Of course not!)

Not getting something done usually has nothing to do with your ability to manage the task. Most likely the reason that whatever you were supposed to do didn’t get done was because of these five words:

“I don’t feel like it.”

Think about these words and what happens in your life when you use them.

Like attracts like. So, if you have a Desire, but whenever you face taking the necessary Action to get it, you say, “I don’t feel like it” what you are really putting out is, “I don’t want that.” You are also attracting that back. Is “I don’t want that.” true when it comes to your Desire? Hopefully not! Otherwise, it’s hardly a Desire at all.

So then, the next question is, why waste time on a Desire that that you don’t feel like? It sounds ridiculous but we do it all the time when we procrastinate.

Relax. I am here to tell you that laziness is NOT the problem. You are not lazy, nor do you lack drive or ambition. If that were the case, you wouldn’t have any interest in personal development and you would have clicked away from here a long time ago. Lack of focus isn’t the problem either. You are PLENTY focused on something–just in a counteractive and downright destructive way.

The problem is the resulting Emotional Energy that results from focusing on the “I Don’t Feel Like It” thought. So, let’s break it down…

First, you must confirm that the Desire is truly a Desire of yours. If you DON’T feel like taking the Action necessary to achieve your Desire, then feeling that way is telling you that something in your thinking needs adjustment. Simply put, we are the most motivated to do the things we want most. If you are lacking motivation to get moving, then that Desire needs tweaking. Redefine it until it’s such a burning Desire that nothing can stop you from feeling like it.

If the Desire IS something you truly want, then you must adjust your thinking and find ways to shift your Emotional Energy into alignment with the Desire so that you do feel like it. Emotional Energy is what propels you to take immediate inspired Action. In other words, feeling like it is the first necessary Action.

Anytime you catch yourself saying, “I don’t feel like it”, STOP.

Realize that thoughts become things. Because the “I don’t feel like it” thought is focused enough to generate strong Emotional Energy that resists your Desire, continuing along those mental lines will jeopardize your ability to ever see the Desire Manifested.

Like thoughts attract like things. If you don’t stop yourself in the act of thinking, “I don’t feel like it”, then you will attract more of those thoughts and more of the resisting Emotional Energy that goes with them. You’ll remain slow or stuck. Before you know it, best case scenario, time has passed and you haven’t gotten much closer to your Desire. Worst case scenario, you’re creating a big(ger) mess in your experience. Yeah buddy, This Stuff’s Working! Unfortunately, it’s working against you.

How do you change it?

The simplest answer is really to think and feel the right way. The right way to think and feel is the way that is completely connected to and aligned with your Desire.

Contemplate your Desire for a moment. Really, get it in your mind. Put it in your own face and say, “I want this and I will have it.” If it’s true, you will mean it. If it’s not true, then scrap that version of the Desire and find one that is.

Once you have affirmed the Desire, affirm that you are prepared to take Action. Say to yourself, in as excited a tone as you can muster, “I am inspired to take Action now!” You might not feel or believe it at first, but keep going. You just affirmed that this IS a Desire of yours, so don’t give up on it, or yourself. Instead, push yourself! You must rouse within yourself a genuine excitement for your Desire, and you can if it is something that you truly want.

Then, focus on the specific Actions you need to take. Bring each task to mind one at a time, and as you do, tell yourself that you do feel like doing it. Really focus for a minute on implanting this thought firmly in your mind around each Action you need to take. Say out loud (replacing ‘this Action’ with the specific tasks):

“I am excited about taking this Action!”
“I can’t wait to get started on this Action!”
“I will really enjoy taking this Action!”
“I will feel so great doing this Action!”
“I will be so happy when this Action is completed!
“I can’t wait to finish this Action so that I can move on to that Action!”

You may start out repeating these statements out loud and feel a little awkward doing so. You might even feel like it’s bull. You may have heard of “fake it till you make it”, but that is NOT the advice here; no one is advising you to fake feeling motivated. The key here is to actually generate motivation within yourself, authentically, by using your ability to focus your thoughts until there is a shift in your Emotional Energy.

This shift comes gradually as you continue to concentrate on the thoughts with intentionality. We don’t leap from zero to a 60 on the Emotional Energy freeway. Remember, every thought builds upon itself in the mind, creating more like thoughts. If you persist in these thoughts, and you continue to affirm readiness to take Action, then no matter how it feels at first,you WILL begin to draw in more thoughts like them. You will begin to feel differently.

Here’s the wonderful thing about how This Stuff’s Working! Once your thoughts becomes aligned with your Desire, your Emotional Energy follows and you will begin to truly feel the way you need to feel to take immediate inspired Action. You will feel it the moment it switches on for you. Don’t walk away from this process until that happens.

Once it does happen, and it will if you don’t give up, begin taking Action immediately. You will find yourself able to because, guess what? Now you feel like it! When you take Action from within that “I feel good and I feel like it” place, the doing can even be easier and more enjoyable that you imagined. You might  later wonder what the big deal was and why you waited so long to take Action in the first place.

It is absolutely necessary that you learn to do this entire process with yourself. Doing so puts you in the “I feel good and I feel like it” place, creating a shift in your Emotional Energy. Then you’ll start moving and doing, taking immediate inspired Action. Before you know it, worst case scenario, you’re getting the things you need to do done, and that is never a bad thing. Best case scenario is that you attract the Desire and create something wonderful in your experience. Yeah baby! This Stuff’s Working! And you are working it!

This will confirm for you just how powerful and in control you are of yourself and your life. Once you grasp how This Stuff’s Working! you can literally become unstoppable in your Action. Then you will quickly lose count of all the Desires you have Manifested.

Shifting your thoughts and feelings into alignment with your true Desire is often the challenge slows you down the most, or halts you in your tracks the longest. If you conquer this process, then you will soon stifle the temptation to procrastinate. The most effective will eliminate procrastination all together.

Once you hold a Manifested Desire in your hand, you may even end up reflecting that actually taking Action was the easiest part!

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