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A DREAM Comes True: A Personal Development E-Book



If your weight loss goal is going nowhere…
If you’re suffering at a job you hate
If you’re ready to give up on dating…
If you can’t seem to get anything done
If you’re an emotional mess right now… 
If you need money to buy things with…
If you can’t figure out how to take the first step in faith
If you don’t have a plan
If “secreting” things is attracting you JACK SQUAT


You’ve heard the hype. You’ve tried using the Law of Attraction to win the lottery and didn’t. You’re pretty sure it’s a load of you-know-what.

TRUTH IS…you weren’t given the whole formula for manifesting your dreams. You need a proven system to stop relying on wishful thinking and start receiving what you want!  

Introducing A D.R.E.A.M. Comes True: 5 Steps to Planning and Creating Your Personal Success Story NOW!, a personal development e-book that teaches stuck and frustrated people like yourself how to create and live the life you want. This plan transforms your life!

What if you could become what you want to be? 

What if you could do what you want to do? 

What if you could have what you want to have? 

YOU CAN! But it takes more than a wish. It takes a real plan. A D.R.E.A.M. is a plan. 

This concise and motivational self-help book doesn’t encourage you to make wishes to the “Universe” and wait for it to show up! It guides you through: 

    • Letting go of how and allowing yourself to freely define your DESIRES


    • Overcoming the “buts”, then embracing and using all of the RESOURCES you have
    • Getting your EMOTIONAL ENERGY working for you rather than against you

    • Taking immediate inspired ACTION with a can-do, feel-like-it attitude
    • Experiencing instant gratification and accelerated results by visualizing your desire MANIFESTED


Is it a Body D.R.E.A.M?

A Career D.R.E.A.M.?

A Love D.R.E.A.M.?

A Travel D.R.E.A.M.?

Big or small…whatever it is, it is waiting to be planned into existence so it can come true. Let this book show you the way! 

I’m KishaLynn Elliott, National Speaker, Certified Coach and Owner of This Stuff’s Working! Coaching. As the author of this powerful book, I share my own personal experience as evidence that my Law of Attraction-based D.R.E.A.M. Plan system works! This book exposes:

  • What I did differently that helped me lose 100 pounds (and counting)!
  • Where I found the courage and audacity to start my own business!
  • How I manifested $13,000 to fund my blissful gay wedding WITHOUT going into debt!
  • The #1 tool in my attitude adjustment arsenal!
  • The inspired plan of Action I used to create my first published book!
  • How visualization helped my D.R.E.A.M. car park itself in my life!

These and many more life transformations were made possible by following the step-by-step planning process outlined in this simple but powerful e-book. 

In a D.R.E.A.M. Comes True: 5 Steps to Planning and Creating Your Personal Success Story NOW!, you get practical and straight-forward guidance on the real way to manifest. Readers are invited to join the This Stuff’s Working! Experiment by creating and executing a D.R.E.A.M. Plan then sharing the evidence in the exclusive This Stuff’s Working! Community online.


Price: $9.97


If you think all you’re getting with your purchase is a cute e-book, THINK AGAIN! Come on, what good is a book if you don’t read it and APPLY it in your life?

That’s why when you buy your copy of A D.R.E.A.M. Comes True, you will receive this 6-part course:

Your D.R.E.A.M. Plan Manifestation Training 

This email audio training will be delivered to your inbox over a two-week period as I walk you through putting each step of the process to work in your life NOW! It contains six modules crammed with juicy content:

Module 1: Defining Your Desires

Module 2: Reconciling Your Resources

Module 3: Embodying the Right Emotional Energy

Module 4: A-Listing Yourself Into Inspired Action

Module 5: Manifesting it NOW Through Visualization

BONUS ModulePutting It All Together and Working Your D.R.E.A.M. Plan

This isn’t fluff! This training is worth $247! But, for a limited time, I am giving it away as a special bonus with this book ABSOLUTELY FREE! Shortly after your purchase is completed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access the Your D.R.E.A.M. Plan Manifestation Training. Take your D.R.E.A.M. experience to the next level and prove This Stuff’s Working! for you.

(But you’ve got a brain! Use it to decide that THIS is what you’ve been missing in your life–a real plan to get what you want! Then grab it!)

Price: $9.97

Hurry and click buy before I change my mind on the price–because under $10 is just a ridiculously low price to charge for such rich and life changing information. 


Because I believe we each have incredible and limitless power to create a life filled with joy, health and prosperity. When I listen to people talk about their biggest goals, I hear the “but” and the “how” getting in the way. I know that feeling good and playing make-believe is NOT enough to make things happen in life. What about the time and money that are needed? What about being personally accountable for taking action? How do you keep your feelings in alignment? A plan is needed. A D.R.E.A.M. is a plan, and it works!

Price: $9.97

OK, I’ve said enough. Now allow my readers to brag about how awesome this book is! A D.R.E.A.M. Comes True is touching lives across the GLOBE.


L.C. from Los Angeles, CA
“KishaLynn has pretty much summed up what other believers have been writing about for years in books that are TOO LONG. This book is unique in that it’s not too much information–it’s short and to the point. A simple, chic read that has a firm tone to its where it’s needed. I enjoyed reading it! I like the personality in the chapter titles. The “Big Ole But”, “What Have You Done for D Lately” and “You Better Recognize” were my favorites. Personality definitely makes this book stand out from the rest. Remember that, rather than just dismissing it as another self-help book. This book made me want to get up and ACT on what it says. I even wrote my D.R.E.A.M. plan on my mirror as a reminder of what I still want my success story to be. This book will open SO many doors to SO many people, specifically women, with all the knowledge and plan it contains.”

Maria from London, United Kingdom 
“THIS STUFF’S WORKING!!! I picked up the book when I was getting a bit desperate writing up a complex project – days would go by without a single word getting typed. A DREAM Comes True was an easy read – I got through it in a few hours and I soon began realizing I AM ALREADY halfway there! I knew what my goal was, I had most of the resources, I am reasonably good at dropping negative emotions. So what I needed was to get organised and start ACTING! Taking action in fact helped me get optimistic about the outcome and helped me build up my productive emotional energy even further. All I needed was a nudge to help me focus and this book was IT! Thank you for sharing this motivational story! Hilarious!! I love the bit where KishaLynn admits ‘Anyone who knew me at my heaviest knew that I hated walking. I only ran for my life!’ (massive LOL) We all know we hate being stuck in traffic AND walking saves us money as well! But it’s really part of feeling good about yourself. You GO girl!!!”

Sarah Kopel, Esq. from Atlanta, GA Kopel Law Firm
“I have always marveled at those that seem to just “fall” into good luck. I have now been taught by KishaLynn that luck had nothing to do with it – those people merely knew how to manifest their own reality. Thank you for unlocking the secrets of success! The practical examples from KishaLynn’s own life really helped take her concepts from the theoretical to the practical. I love it! I always thought that the law of attraction was somehow moralistic. In fact, as KishaLynn points out, it is quite practical and do-able. Now that I have a better understanding of the old expression “thoughts are things,” I am going to pursue my dreams with unbridled passion. Thank you for the enlightenment KishaLynn!”

M.F. from Long Beach, CA
“Just finished this ebook!!!! Fantastic! I love how the author tied her personal life into the DREAM. Great book!!!”

S.J. from Los Angeles, CA
“KishaLynn is unstoppable! Before she wrote a book, before she became a life coach, I just knew her as a fellow work colleague and I saw first-hand the positive changes she made in her life. After reading her book, I have some insight into the source of her positivity and her secret to success. I’m not very New Age, so I was always a little bit dubious of the Law of Attraction because of its metaphysical arguments and not totally clear how you could actually apply “thoughts become things” in your normal day to day life. KishaLynn bridges the gap. Whatever you call the philosophy – “putting your mind to it,” “following your dreams” – KishaLynn offers a clear and simple approach to how you can actually make your wishes come true.”

Catrice Williams from Boston, MA A Reigning Affair Events 
“I find the journey that you went on to complete this project truly inspirational. There are a lot of people out there who want things but do not necessarily know how to go about making those things a reality. I truly believe that if they follow the steps outlined in the D.R.E.A.M. they will be in a much better position. I think the part of the book that impacted me the most was the “Tackling the But” chapter. I definitely plan to incorporate into what I have taken away from your book. I have always allowed the fear of the unknown or the seemingly impossible to slow me down so this chapter was well suited for me. Bravo for having the courage to go after what you wanted out of life and for being willing to inspire others to do the same.”

Naomi Taisakan from San Diego, CA Mary Kay Cosmetics
“I absolutely LOVE IT! I have read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, and it was my ultimate favorite till I read your book. I now know how to approach my dreams!”

Jamie Siv Joy Rognstad from Oslo, Norway, Yes To Me Coaching 
“Yes! This book will help! I sat up last night and read till 2:30 a.m. (yawn!) I learned new stuff and I got to put “old stuff” in a new system. Thanks KishaLynn. This book is worth way more than 60 kroners (10 bucks!)


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Price: $9.97



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