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Do You Love Yourself?

June 20, 2013 - Author: KishaLynn Elliott - 2 Comments

A few weeks ago my friend Shayla Logan told me about this online challenge called 100 Days of Self-Love.

The idea is to start expressing love for yourself each day in a public, visible way, for 100 days straight. Each individual starts on their own, rather than all at the same time, brilliantly creating a perpetual garden of self-lovers, some on day 90, some on day 9, etc. Shayla even created a Facebook group where these self-lovers could unite and support each other.

This concept awesome in its simplicity and its impact.

When I heard about this, my response was, that’s great! However, I’m pretty sure my people are tired of hearing how much I love myself. I mean, I’m a pretty self-centered person. Me, myself and I are in my top 5 favorite words. (Perpendicular and Conquistador are #1 and #2, FYI…) So, how could I embark upon this challenge without appearing that my ego has totally run amok to my people, and quite honestly, to myself?

Shayla told me that this expression of self-love is not about vanity, conceit, or ego. Those things are superficial. This idea is about unearthing the true self-love that is innate within us, buried under mounds of self-loathing.

I took that in, realizing that my fear of what others would think about me joining this challenge was really a manifestation of self-loathing. I don’t feel confident about how confident I am!

I sat on that for a minute. It was really “deep” (and I don’t really use “coachy” terms like that!)

I didn’t join the challenge. But I did join the Facebook group and start watching others self-love. I really enjoy reading Shayla’s and others daily self-love posts. I have seen all kinds of different, wonderful, humorous, authentic things being appreciated.

It occurred to me that 100 days is a long time. Over that time, there may be some superficial, ego-riffic posts of self-praise on some days. Other days, it might be hard to come up with something to love.┬áThat’s probably where the magic lies in this challenge–connecting to love where there is a disconnect and being forced to go beyond the surface of what is good and true about yourself.

Aha! I said. (Another “coachy” term I don’t really use.) I get it now. I will start the challenge.

Will…as in future tense. As in not immediately but soon. As in, haven’t done it yet because…

Because I’m waiting on a Monday. No, a Sunday would be better. Darn I forgot to post Sunday so I’ll just wait for next Sunday. No, Monday is really a better day to start. Oops I didn’t start on Monday…and now it’s Thursday.

Isn’t it funny the little games we play with ourselves when it comes to starting things that are good for us? It’s like that old conversation around when to start eating healthier, or when to begin a workout routine. It’s ridiculous! There’s nothing special about Sunday or Monday. No one is keeping track but you!

Today is a great day to start 100 days of self-love! Just like today is a perfect day to begin eating healthier, start working out, initiate daily meditation or any other thing that is good, helpful, and can push us to the next level-our best self!

I firmly believe that it only takes 30 days (or less) to completely change your entire life. This challenge has three of those cycles plus almost another two weeks! By the time I reach Day 100, I know my life will be very different–I’ll be a new age (33), it will be a new season (Fall), and those are just the changes I’m SURE of at this time.

I look at my life today and see all kinds of evidence that more self-love is needed. I want to find it, and I want to share it with my people. Not because I’m a narcissistic maniac. But because…well, I think Rickie Byars-Beckwith and the Agape International Choir say it best in their song “I Love Myself So Much”:

I love myself so much
That I can love you so much
That you can love you so much
That you can start loving me.

The idea is that self-love spreads love to others. I really and truly get it now!

So let’s begin. Day 1 of 100 Days of Self-Love.

I love that I love myself so much.

Want in? To join 100 Days of Self-Love, just start sharing and counting an expression of self-love daily on your social media pages, your blog, via email or whatever ways fit best for you.

There’s a hashtag for it: #lovemerevolution.

There’s a Facebook group for it: 100 Days of Self Love.

Here’s more info from the pinned post on the Facebook group:

This campaign is one that anybody can join at any time. It is a campaign to shift the common collective away from self-loathing and over to self-loving. I believe that self love is an innate instinct that we have lost. It is time we reclaimed it. That is what this campaign is about. As we share our reasons why we believe we are valuable upon this earth, it will bounce off each other, it will spread, it will reflect itself in the group consciousness and we will feel the change. We will start to value ourselves more as humans and bring that honoring into our political and social systems. These are needed changes. These are timely changes. It is time. I love myself. Do you? If so, share why you are special. Why you matter. In doing so, we are changing the whole world!-Jackie Barros VanCampen

Hey, if you haven’t heard it today yet, I LOVE you. Love me back by loving you, and spreading the word!


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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. by Valerie

    I can feel your happiness. It’s contagious…..

  2. Thanks Valerie! I hope you caught some! :)

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