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How To Talk To Fear

April 12, 2013 - Author: KishaLynn Elliott


We’ve all experienced moments when we are TRULY frightened by something. Like it or not, fear is present for a purpose. Usually, it’s to save our lives from danger or harm.

Often though, fear is just there for the sake of being there. It isn’t serving you by saving you. In fact, it’s harming you by stopping you.

Try this the next time you are afraid. Stop and examine the fear more closely.

If you’re in no apparent danger, then don’t run and hide from the fear. Don’t even fight the fear. Simply call it out:

Hello fear. Why are you here?

If fear doesn’t seem to have a good reason for being there, then kindly show it the door.

If it persists, then say, “I’m sorry, but I have other things to do. Tag along if you insist, but I’ve gotta go.”

Then do what you were afraid to do anyway. Go on. Nothing bad will happen.

Robert Anthony wrote:  We fear the thing we want the most.

What are the things you want most, but are afraid to have?

Image Credit: SXC: Hisks

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