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May 22, 2013 - Author: KishaLynn Elliott
Shouting From The Rooftops about A DREAM Comes True


A little birdie whispered in my ear that I need to get bolder and louder about the benefits of my book, A D.R.E.A.M. Comes True: 5 Steps to Planning and Creating Your Personal Success Story NOW! I thought I’d give it a try here on the blog…ahem. *clears throat*


this book will help!

this book will help!

this book will help!

this book will help!

this book will help!

this book will help!

this book will help!

this book will help!

this book will help!

Sorry, this book can’t help with that. Nice try though. 

OK, so clearly I’m no marketing genius. I’m just a passionate coach who has written a powerful book that teaches a proven system that can help you live the life you want. In it, I’ve given the best that is in me to serve you and others. Life is too short and beautiful to live in a nightmare. You can have, do, and be more! 

It’s all in the plan! I have a D.R.E.A.M. for you, and it’s just waiting to come true.

If you have everything you could ever want in life, that’s great. I’ll bet you have a friend or family member that doesn’t! SHARE THIS BOOK WITH THEM!



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How to RISE Above Resisting Emotional Energy

May 14, 2013 - Author: KishaLynn Elliott
You can RISE above resisting emotional energy.

You can RISE above resisting emotional energy.

It takes some strong emotional muscles to shift your emotional energy where it needs to be to get powerful result. Here is a special process I’ve developed to help with that called RISE. 

  1. RECOGNIZE that the resisting emotional energy that you are feeling that is slowing or stopping you from progress towards your desired outcomes. 
  2. IDENTIFY the allowing emotional energy you’d like to feel that will help you move forward, or move faster, towards your desired outcomes. 
  3. SUMMARIZE the tactics you can use to help you feel the allowing emotional energy. 
  4. EXECUTE 1-2 things on that list until you have shifted into a more allowing emotion. 

 Here’s a template you can use to work through this process: 

RECOGNIZE: “I am feeling (insert resisting emotional energy) which is slowing or stopping me from being/doing/having (insert desired outcome).” 

IDENTIFY: “Feeling (insert allowing emotional energy) would help me move forward, or faster, towards being/doing/having (insert desired outcome).” 

SUMMARIZE: “Here is a list of some things could make me feel (insert allowing emotional energy listed above) right now: (list your feel-good tactics)”

EXECUTE: “I will do the following (choose a feel-good tactic from above to do immediately).” 

Here’s a sample Real Life Application: 

I am feeling upset with my colleague, which is slowing or stopping me from finishing my own work

Feeling content with myself would help me move forward towards finishing my own work. 

The things that make me feel content with myself are: My power affirmation, a look in the mirror, listening to Mary J. Blige’s “Just Fine”, receiving a hug, expressing gratitude for something in my life, saying a prayer. 

I am going to write down my power affirmation and meditate on it for 10 seconds. I am whole, perfect, sexy, strong, powerful, rich, loving, harmonious, wise, happy, grateful, and free. Then I’ll put “Just Fine” on, and get back to work! 


  • Resisting emotional energy is any feeling that is HARMFUL TO YOUR GOAL in any given moment. On the surface it can be emotions that are typically deemed “negative” (i.e. fear, doubt, insecurity, anger, jealousy, etc.) However, ANY any feeling slowing you down from your goal is resisting emotional energy. For example, “funny” can be a resisting emotional energy if the desired outcome is to prepare for a serious discussion.  
  • Allowing emotional energy is any feeling that is HELPFUL TO YOUR GOAL in the moment. On the surface it can be emotions that are typically deemed “positive” (i.e. love, joy, gratitude, abundance, confidence, etc.) However, ANY feeling that moves you towards your goal is allowing emotional energy. For example, “defensive” can be an allowing emotional energy if the desired outcome is to stand up against abuse. 
  • There’s all kinds of ways to shift emotional energy, depending on the time, environment, and situation you are in. Use what you know about yourself to create a menu of shifters such as: 
    • Taking a walk/stretch
    • A few deep breaths
    • Playing a song/video
    • Saying a mantra/affirmation
    • Looking at a beautiful image
    • Reading a motivational quote
    • etc, etc, etc. 
  • Get creative–really think about the things you can do to make yourself feel whatever emotion you want to feel. What has made you feel the allowing emotional energy in the past? 
  • The RISE process can take a while to complete effectively–sometimes days or weeks. Or it can be done in a matter of seconds/minutes if you really strengthen this muscle within you. 

The key here is to do the work now to BUILD AN ARSENAL of emotional energy shifters, so that when needed in the moment, you can know automatically what you need to do for yourself to shift to a better place before responding to any given situation. It takes a keen sense of self-awareness, and practice of course. But, you’ve got nothing but time to perfect this critical skill.

RISE above. 



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Proving Impossible Wrong

February 27, 2013 - Author: KishaLynn Elliott
It's true!

It’s true!

Have you ever thought something was impossible, only to be proven wrong? Here’s an example from my life:

I didn’t learn to drive until I was 19. My aunt gave me 6 driving lessons during the summer of 1999 in Columbus, OH, then I took my driver’s test, barely passing.

Two weeks later I was in LA attending Occidental College on a domestic exchange program. I had landed an internship and a film production company which required me to drive one hour each way every Monday from Eagle Rock to Santa Monica, on Los Angeles’ worst freeways:

Imagine trying to figure this out after only 6 driving lessons

Imagine trying to figure this out after only 6 driving lessons

The 405, the 10, and the 110. A brand new friend in my dorm offered me his car to use.

The first day I was to report to work was also the first time I had ever driven in a vehicle by myself, was only my 8th time behind the wheel at all, and my aunt had NEVER taken me on the freeway during my lessons. Now here I was alone, with printed directions 2 pages and 5 freeways long. I just knew I would die, crash, or both. I crept up to the 1st on-ramp, took a deep breath, hit the gas and merged into traffic.

It was the scariest thing I ever experienced.

I took the wrong freeways. I went south when I was supposed to go North. East instead of west. I either missed exits because I didn’t know how to use the signs to determine when and where to merge, or kept accidentally exiting the freeway trying to stay in the “slow lane”. People LAID on their horns at me. I swerved that car like it was doing the Dougie. The tires screeched every time I stopped. In fact, my only saving grace was the infamous LA bumper to bumper traffic, where at least things were moving slowly enough to figure things out, or were altogether stopped, allowing me to look at the printed directions.

Thank God for the traffic--it was my only chance to slow down and breathe!

Thank God for the traffic–it was my only chance to slow down and breathe!

I didn’t think it would EVER be possible for me to get comfortable behind the wheel. After Day 1 on the internship, I broke down and cried in my dorm room, partly because I was relieved to be alive and back on campus, and partly because I was terrified to have to do it again the following Monday and every Monday after. My brain was saying “This is impossible, you have to quit the internship.” My heart said “This is possible. You’ve proven it all ready by doing it once. Just keep going. It will get easier.”

I did and it did. That internship taught me two things–that I am NOT destined to work in Hollywood, and how to drive…on the freeway. I inwardly giggle about it now every time I’m behind the wheel of Billie, my convertible. It’s a stick shift–another “impossibility” I overcame years later.

Now anytime I’m faced with the challenge of learning something new, and am failing so miserably at the onset that it seems impossible, I just remember the 405, and power forward anyway.

How will you prove impossible wrong in your life? Please comment and let me know.


Just keep steering!

Just keep steering!

Neil Kremer / / CC BY-ND LA freeways
Photo credit: JefferyTurner / / CC BY
Photo credit: meghannash / / CC BY
Clotee Pridgen Allochuku / / CC BY



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Tackling Procrastination and the I Don’t Feel Like Its

October 5, 2012 - Author: KishaLynn Elliott
How to Get Things Done Image

LOL Just kidding…but seriously though…

When was the last time you procrastinated on taking Action towards a Desire?

Did that happen this week? Today? Are you doing it right now? (*gasp* No! Of course not!)

Not getting something done usually has nothing to do with your ability to manage the task. Most likely the reason that whatever you were supposed to do didn’t get done was because of these five words:

“I don’t feel like it.”

Think about these words and what happens in your life when you use them.

Like attracts like. So, if you have a Desire, but whenever you face taking the necessary Action to get it, you say, “I don’t feel like it” what you are really putting out is, “I don’t want that.” You are also attracting that back. Is “I don’t want that.” true when it comes to your Desire? Hopefully not! Otherwise, it’s hardly a Desire at all.

So then, the next question is, why waste time on a Desire that that you don’t feel like? It sounds ridiculous but we do it all the time when we procrastinate.

Relax. I am here to tell you that laziness is NOT the problem. You are not lazy, nor do you lack drive or ambition. If that were the case, you wouldn’t have any interest in personal development and you would have clicked away from here a long time ago. Lack of focus isn’t the problem either. You are PLENTY focused on something–just in a counteractive and downright destructive way.

The problem is the resulting Emotional Energy that results from focusing on the “I Don’t Feel Like It” thought. So, let’s break it down…

First, you must confirm that the Desire is truly a Desire of yours. If you DON’T feel like taking the Action necessary to achieve your Desire, then feeling that way is telling you that something in your thinking needs adjustment. Simply put, we are the most motivated to do the things we want most. If you are lacking motivation to get moving, then that Desire needs tweaking. Redefine it until it’s such a burning Desire that nothing can stop you from feeling like it.

If the Desire IS something you truly want, then you must adjust your thinking and find ways to shift your Emotional Energy into alignment with the Desire so that you do feel like it. Emotional Energy is what propels you to take immediate inspired Action. In other words, feeling like it is the first necessary Action.

Anytime you catch yourself saying, “I don’t feel like it”, STOP.

Realize that thoughts become things. Because the “I don’t feel like it” thought is focused enough to generate strong Emotional Energy that resists your Desire, continuing along those mental lines will jeopardize your ability to ever see the Desire Manifested.

Like thoughts attract like things. If you don’t stop yourself in the act of thinking, “I don’t feel like it”, then you will attract more of those thoughts and more of the resisting Emotional Energy that goes with them. You’ll remain slow or stuck. Before you know it, best case scenario, time has passed and you haven’t gotten much closer to your Desire. Worst case scenario, you’re creating a big(ger) mess in your experience. Yeah buddy, This Stuff’s Working! Unfortunately, it’s working against you.

How do you change it?

The simplest answer is really to think and feel the right way. The right way to think and feel is the way that is completely connected to and aligned with your Desire.

Contemplate your Desire for a moment. Really, get it in your mind. Put it in your own face and say, “I want this and I will have it.” If it’s true, you will mean it. If it’s not true, then scrap that version of the Desire and find one that is.

Once you have affirmed the Desire, affirm that you are prepared to take Action. Say to yourself, in as excited a tone as you can muster, “I am inspired to take Action now!” You might not feel or believe it at first, but keep going. You just affirmed that this IS a Desire of yours, so don’t give up on it, or yourself. Instead, push yourself! You must rouse within yourself a genuine excitement for your Desire, and you can if it is something that you truly want.

Then, focus on the specific Actions you need to take. Bring each task to mind one at a time, and as you do, tell yourself that you do feel like doing it. Really focus for a minute on implanting this thought firmly in your mind around each Action you need to take. Say out loud (replacing ‘this Action’ with the specific tasks):

“I am excited about taking this Action!”
“I can’t wait to get started on this Action!”
“I will really enjoy taking this Action!”
“I will feel so great doing this Action!”
“I will be so happy when this Action is completed!
“I can’t wait to finish this Action so that I can move on to that Action!”

You may start out repeating these statements out loud and feel a little awkward doing so. You might even feel like it’s bull. You may have heard of “fake it till you make it”, but that is NOT the advice here; no one is advising you to fake feeling motivated. The key here is to actually generate motivation within yourself, authentically, by using your ability to focus your thoughts until there is a shift in your Emotional Energy.

This shift comes gradually as you continue to concentrate on the thoughts with intentionality. We don’t leap from zero to a 60 on the Emotional Energy freeway. Remember, every thought builds upon itself in the mind, creating more like thoughts. If you persist in these thoughts, and you continue to affirm readiness to take Action, then no matter how it feels at first,you WILL begin to draw in more thoughts like them. You will begin to feel differently.

Here’s the wonderful thing about how This Stuff’s Working! Once your thoughts becomes aligned with your Desire, your Emotional Energy follows and you will begin to truly feel the way you need to feel to take immediate inspired Action. You will feel it the moment it switches on for you. Don’t walk away from this process until that happens.

Once it does happen, and it will if you don’t give up, begin taking Action immediately. You will find yourself able to because, guess what? Now you feel like it! When you take Action from within that “I feel good and I feel like it” place, the doing can even be easier and more enjoyable that you imagined. You might  later wonder what the big deal was and why you waited so long to take Action in the first place.

It is absolutely necessary that you learn to do this entire process with yourself. Doing so puts you in the “I feel good and I feel like it” place, creating a shift in your Emotional Energy. Then you’ll start moving and doing, taking immediate inspired Action. Before you know it, worst case scenario, you’re getting the things you need to do done, and that is never a bad thing. Best case scenario is that you attract the Desire and create something wonderful in your experience. Yeah baby! This Stuff’s Working! And you are working it!

This will confirm for you just how powerful and in control you are of yourself and your life. Once you grasp how This Stuff’s Working! you can literally become unstoppable in your Action. Then you will quickly lose count of all the Desires you have Manifested.

Shifting your thoughts and feelings into alignment with your true Desire is often the challenge slows you down the most, or halts you in your tracks the longest. If you conquer this process, then you will soon stifle the temptation to procrastinate. The most effective will eliminate procrastination all together.

Once you hold a Manifested Desire in your hand, you may even end up reflecting that actually taking Action was the easiest part!

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