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About Coach KishaLynn

KishaLynn Elliott, Life Coach, Author and Speaker

KishaLynn Elliott, Life Coach, Author and Speaker

What’s my story? 

Creating a system for manifesting my dream life and teaching it to hundreds, no – thousands of people throughout the world is something I didn’t think was possible. 

And yet it’s happening in my world right now. 

Like many people, I got really excited when I first saw Rhonda Byrne’s film The Secret in 2006. Understanding that “like attracts like” and “thoughts become things” changed my life. But, I also knew that if simply wishing made it so, a lot more of us would have a lot more.

I decided to study the Law of Attraction deeper. I began reading the books Byrnes’ work was based on. I began “testing” those Law of Attraction teachings in my life, creating experiments to see what I could manifest from what I was learning. 

The first of these experiments was to attract more friends–specifically seven new friends–into my life that shared interests similar to mine, including the Law of Attraction.

I envisioned and created a group, the Friendship and Prosperity Women’s Club (FPWC), seeking to bring like-minded women together to establish close platonic friendships, as well as to study AND apply the principals of the Law of Attraction to increase success and prosperity in our lives.

I promoted the group on Craigslist and within a week had nine applications. The group had its first meeting in January 2008 with exactly seven new friends, in attendance! It was my first This Stuff’s Working! moment. Now, FPWC just celebrated our Fifth Anniversary with 13 active members. 

After a year of facilitating the group, which included reading great books like The Master Key System, Secrets of A Millionaire Mind, and Think and Grow Rich, I realized that everything I’d been learning and using with great success actually was the basis of a system. Not a daydream, but a proven plan to take wishes and turn them into reality. That’s how my D.R.E.A.M. Plan took shape–a complete, five-step process for manifesting! 

I started writing about the D.R.E.A.M. plan, and piloted the model to my FPWC group. More This Stuff’s Working! moments were created!

I knew I was on the right path when an organization offered me a speaking opportunity in San Francisco, CA. I presented my What’s Your D.R.E.A.M. workshop to two rooms packed with young students and professionals. Sharing my story and my D.R.E.A.M. Plan on stage lit a fire under me. 

Soon after that presentation, the pastor of my church invited me to share give my D.R.E.A.M. with our congregation and I began giving personal development talks at the church. After one of my talks, a fellow congregant approached me and asked me about becoming her life coach. Before I even really knew what a life coach was, I had my first coaching client. Within 6 months, she had manifested her D.R.E.A.M. and a light bulb went off for me. 

My own D.R.E.A.M. plans had grown bigger and bigger over time, yet each one was manifesting with relative ease as I worked the plan. My life was beginning to reflect what I had been wanting for myself since childhood.

I lived where I wanted to live–in sunny San Diego, CA.

I loved who I wanted to love, being happily married to my wife.

I went where I wanted to go–taking vacations to Hawaii, Palm Springs, San Luis Obispo, Las Vegas.

I drove the car I wanted to drive–a blue convertible Mustang.

My healthiest body began to emerge, as I saw the scale dip below 300 pounds for the first time in a decade. To date, I’ve lost 112 pounds and counting!


Everything around me was upgrading.

Then, in 2012, I decided that it was time to make the leap and turn my passion into my full-time work.  

I left a phenomenal job to start my company, This Stuff’s Working! Coaching. I became a certified coach. I turned my D.R.E.A.M. Plan into my first published e-book: A D.R.E.A.M. Comes True: 5 Steps to Planning and Creating Your Personal Success Story NOW!, which was a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in February 2013!


Why I’m In Business? 

Building this business is absolutely a D.R.E.A.M. come true. I was born to write and I love being on stage speaking. But more than anything else, I love to use BOTH to help change people’s lives by changing the way they see themselves, helping them understand how they are creating their lives, and teaching them to do so intentionally, with vision and purpose.  

I’ve learned something that I don’t think enough people understand for themselves: You can create the life of your dreams. You have all you need, right now, to become the person you want to be, do the things you want to do, and have the things you want to have.  

As a coach, I help my clients find the clarity, commitment, and courage to live the life they want. Get the life, the health, the relationship, the work! Yes–even get the STUFF! 

What do I do for my clients?

  • I help them to decide and define what they’d like to receive. 

  • I partner with them in creating the plan to achieve it.

  • I hold them accountable to that plan until it manifests for them.  

My writing and talks are intended to inspire, teach my system, and share my story. I really want you to see that I am no different than or better than you! Just like I can be intentional about the things I want for my life and execute a clear plan to receive them, SO CAN YOU!!!

Still reading? Okay…I’ve got more!!

I’m a coach, an author, a speaker, a facilitator, an entrepreneur. I motivate, inspire, connect, and collaborate with others. I’m a giver, a server, a helper, a problem-solver. I’m a planner, a coordinator, a networker. I’m a storyteller. I am a MASTER MANIFESTER. It’s true!   

I’m a 30-something, African American, female girlie girl. I’m an out and proud lesbian, married to my wife of five years, partner of seven years. I’m gluten-free. I’m shamelessly addicted to the internet, social media, my iDevices (iPhone and iPad) and other technology. I’m an extrovert.

My friends describe me as “f*cking awesome!” and so do my clients. 

Lets Get D.R.E.A.M-ing! 

There’s several ways to connect with me. Here’s a few of my favorites: 

1. Join my mailing list and let’s keep in touch!

2. Social Media? I do it all! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, GoodreadsI do it all! Plus, like the This Stuff’s Working! Facebook Page for daily inspirational fantastic-ness!

3. Need coaching? Let’s talk! Schedule a free 20-minute Life Upgrade Session with me and let’s get you on the path to the life you want!  


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